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Best Bloated Bureaucracy to Bleed Bolehland to Bankruptcy!

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on November 9, 2010

Deputy PM Muhyiddin Yassin believes that the BN is “back in business”. The buoyant “Malaysian-second” in Bolehland, said that BN’s future is bright and the Opposition better not underestimate them!

Bolstered by two big by-election victories he even boldly declares that the bureaucrats in Bolehland are “the best civil servants in the world”! The civil servant “have done a lot, but the people want better”.



Gerakan’s “Animal Farm”

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on October 12, 2010

Gerakan’s president Koh Tsu Koon continues to preen and strut around on the political stage like a peacock, and ignores the protruding truth that he looks more like a turkey whom Umno will turn into a stew one day.

Tsu Koon, described by his critics, especially during his tenure as the Chief Minister of Penang, as Umno’s lap-dog with his tail between his legs, appeared recently at a Penang Gerakan extraordinary general meeting (EGM) which he initially insisted he would avoid.

The EGM was meant to push for a motion of no-confidence against Penang chief Teng Hock Nan, whom many members feel have been hibernating like a hedgehog since Gerakan lost all its seats in Penang in the last general elections.

Tsu Koon turned up to cast his vote for his close ally who had a close call, prompting many to wonder whether it was time to “close shop”! The slim majority was a slap in the face for the more-mouse-than-man president, who naively expected everyone to “close ranks”.


Traitors – A Trademark & Tradition of Umno!

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on September 1, 2010

The Umno-dominated government stubbornly sticks to the same old tricks to try to sink the Opposition. One such stale attempt is to label as “traitors” those who refuse to suck up to its spent elite leaders.

And so Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid (AZ) who apparently ran out of steam to shut the Opposition up on the Scorpene submarines scandal, resorted to calling Nurul Izzah a “traitor”.

It seems that the Member of Parliament (MP) has stained the nation’s image by revealing on 4 Aug. 2010 in an interview with Kompas, a newspaper in Indonesia, that the country’s first submarine cannot dive.

Below are his comments (in bold) followed by a response which when added up points to the ironic conclusion that it is the Defence Minister and Umno who could be the real traitors after all!


MACC “commits suicide”!

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on August 24, 2010

18 Aug. 2010 – The Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), very tragically, “committed suicide” today. It killed the very little that was left of its own integrity and credibility.

Its public image plunged to the very depths with the help of its advocate Abdul Razak Musa. He had at first advocated self-strangulation. He even demonstrated how it could be done.

When that failed, the very experienced lawyer of 24 years assisted the Commission to take a wild leap out of the window of logic, common sense and civility.


Sodomy circus turns into a sex opera!

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on August 19, 2010

Sodomy circus turns into a sex opera!

It seems that for the past few days the Attorney General (AG)’s Chambers have become somewhat like a boiler room after being hit by one steamy story after another. The AG, Gani Patail, has been going bonkers, berserk and ballistic, as a result of an unexpected hard blow below the belt by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

The famous whistleblower, lid-blower and blogger had dropped a bombshell by alleging that the AG has been bonking the head of one of his divisions.Such news blew many away but RPK said their sexploits were nothing new. Many in the AG’s Chambers have chosen to turn a blind eye to their boss’ bonking.

The AG and partner have allegedly saved the nation’s taxpayers money, as they would blissfully bunk, bonk and bond in the same hotel room during their frequent trips abroad.

We should not be bogged down by who is bonking whom, but when such basic or base instincts are allegedly displayed by the nation’s top legal officer it becomes the rakyat’s business!

This is especially so when the AG has been bonking from high moral ground of his Office whilst trying hard to banish Anwar Ibrahim into political oblivion with a bull-loaded sodomy charge.


Please pack up and go, PKR

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on June 25, 2010

Once again we hear of trouble, turbulence and turmoil in a political party that talks every other day about taking over the government in the next general elections. We will tolerate their nonsense no more. Yes, even if it means throwing out the baby with the bath water!

Please, please PKR stop pushing your fanciful dreams about occupying Putrajaya when you are in such a pathetic and pitiful state with your prima donna politicians parading their shameless petty and puerile politics in public.

As a party you have become laughable, and as RPK predicts you could be facing your last days! Your political representatives are resting on their laurels and the increasing number of loudmouths and loose cannons are just longing to blast the party into oblivion!

Your endless intra-party squabbles, spats and skirmishes and splintered groups sicken those of us who once supported, voted and stood steadfastly by you. The strong and solid support many of us showed you have now turned into scorn.

We are fed up of your internal feuding and festering that has resulted in a fragile and faltering coalition and a farcical government-in-waiting! Your foolhardy ways will only be a fast-forward to your self-destruction. All Umno needs to do is gleefully watch you finish off each other!


Datuk Hee? Hee! Hee! So “Heelarious”!

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on April 20, 2010

It was a historic occasion for Hee Yit Foong. She was bestowed the honorary title “Datuk” by his Highness the Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, on the occasion of his 82nd birthday.

Hee must have been so “hee-elated”. It was the high point of her life after having gone through the depths of great public humiliation and to contend with the hate heaped on her especially by Perakians.

Indeed, she has been hounded and abuses hurled on her when she did the hop-step-and-jump political dance. She hopped out of her party, stepped on the people’s will and jumped into the waiting arms of the BN as an independent.

During a State Assembly meeting several DAP lawmakers gave her hell, threw RM1 notes at her and told her to resign as she had no honour left for selling her soul and State away!

Some in her Jelapang constituency hung an effigy of her and burnt it in a mock Chinese funeral rite! Others wanted to get their hands on her whose defection from DAP triggered BN’s takeover of Perak.

Hee was hoping that the people would be hoodwinked by her hee-haw over how she was supposedly shunned, smeared, sidelined and “squeezed out of the DAP step-by-step” by its party leaders.

She denied that she had left the party because she was hankering after a state exco seat and was huffing and puffing and making a hue and cry over not being given a new Camry!


Nazri Aziz – the Minister of Lies

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on April 19, 2010

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz acts tough, talks big and throws his weight around. He thinks he is very smart and knows everything! After all, he is also the minister in charge of parliamentary affairs and the de facto Law Minister. Those who refuse to tolerate Nazri’s nonsense have to contend with his temper tantrums and theatrics. Apart from his childish threats and taunts, the Minister has become adept through the years with turning and twisting the truth whilst calling others liars.

It was typical of him to accuse Thai pathologist Dr. Pornthip of being a liar: “She lied in the inquest and she is lying now”. Dr. Pornthip has claimed that Putrajaya has exercised “political pressure” which “could affect her work” in Southern Thailand thereby forcing her to pull out from testifying in the on-going Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

It is indeed ironic that the Minister should be so quick to accuse others of lying, for when it comes to telling lies no one has left such an indelible mark on Malaysian politics than Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz.

Below are some examples of him lying (intentionally or unintentionally) especially in Parliament!


In sympathy with Matthias Chang

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on April 6, 2010

(Martin Jalleh (MJ) responds to a letter purportedly written by Matthias Chang (MC) before he chose to go to jail after being charged for contempt of court by the Kuala Lumpur High Court.)

MC: Message from Matthias Chang. To My Dearest Friends and Colleagues
MJ: Dear Matthias, I was shocked that you have been charged for contempt of court. You must in synergy with your former boss who was most contemptuous of the courts!

MC: I have fought against injustice throughout my life and as a practising lawyer
MJ: Perhaps it would be more accurate to say throughout your pre-political-secretary life? The rest of your life you have been faithfully fighting for your former Master, Mahathir.

MC: …upholding justice when there are abuses by the judiciary
MJ: Alas, these abuses began when your former boss sacked the judiciary in 1988 and it has never recovered since then.

MC: and the state machinery calls for sacrifices
MJ: You mean, when Dr M made the judiciary part of the State and it began sacrificing justice at the altar of political expediency?

MC: and I have never shirked from that call to duty.
MJ: Indeed you were the epitome and great exemplar of subservience, an errand boy whom the Master would one day turn into a public figure extraordinaire!


Dr M, Father of the Regressing Malay

Posted in Uncategorized by martinjalleh on March 31, 2010

Mahathir forgets easily (II)

Recently, Bolehland’s Statesman Dr Mahathir (Dr M) launched Perkasa, a right-wing Malay group, (some consider it as an ultra-fanatical wing of Umno) at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The former premier was the replacement for the much wiser Sultan of Selangor who turned down Perkasa’s invitation. The Malay CEOs of government-linked companies (GLCs) also declined.

Dr M and his wife were greeted with a silat performance, strains of traditional music and a huge replica of a keris which stood out on the side of the stage. In the midst of speeches were shouts of “Hidup Perkasa”.

Dr M said that the Malays’ faith in Umno has weakened since it’s disastrous performance in the 2008 general elections. The BN government was weak and all this was due to the then weak leader! He inferred that the Malays needed a strong voice like Perkasa.

They placed a sash on their “strong” Malay leader with the title ‘Bintang Primbumi Perkasa’. Dr M then handed a kris to Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali who unsheathed, kiss and waved it high to cries of “Hidup Melayu”.